Active Discharge 8b++

Jure climbing in cave of Osp, Active Discharge 8b+. And NO cave is not located in Kalymno.

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Bala Bala!+

Short film Bala Bala tells a story about Klemen’s contribution to Slovenian climbing scene through developing climbing area called Osp,...

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BigWall Climbing in Osp+

Bala Bala with it’s 180m is the longest route in Osp bolted by Klemen Becan. The hardest pitch is 8b...

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Route INTERNACIONALA in Osp is Temporarily CLOSED+

This 7a in big Osapska stena is temporarily closed due to nesting of the Peregrine Falcon. Route is closed every...

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“DWS” in Osp?+

Osp is one of the most popular climbing areas in Slovenia and according to is also one of the...

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Osp: new climbing route+

Osp is one of the oldest climbing area in Slovenia and it has rich history. In year 1988 first national...

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Climbing in Osp+

I was complaining about lack of ice, snow and winter. But Bruce Lee said: “Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless,...

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