• A moment of inattention.
  • An instant of fatigue.
  • Excessive confidence.

Moments of absence in which one can quickly forget to make a knot in the end of the rope, lock a carabiner, finish the tie-in knot… oversights that often pass without notice until the day an accident happens…

As climbing instructor I am always telling my students to adopt a simple habit, the PARTNER CHECK (double check).
A mutual checking between climber and belayer before starting each climbing.

At PETZL.com you can see how to avoid this mistakes.

Before starting each pitch, the climber and the belayer must check each of 4 key areas to ensure climber safety:

  1. Belay system setup
  2. Harness check
  3. Tie-in knot
  4. Knot tied in the end of the rope