Mina Markovic (SLO) Lead World Cup 2012 winner climbing side by side with Momoka Oda (JPN) in finals of IFSC World Cup in Kranj.

Mina started really fast and confident till the first crux, where Momoka finds perfect solution. After struggling with big green volume Mina continued to roof where both climbers were good. Because of lack of precision Momoka almost fall off the yellow hold, but she gathered soon and was back in the game.

In second, final crux (yellow volume) both competitors have problems till they fall. Momoka was fast, Mina again searching for best position, solution for a long time. They both fell off the same height (sloper).

Victory for Mina Markovic (better in the semi-finals) and second place for Momoka Oda. Third place for another Slovenian climber Maja Vidmar.