This weekend we could watch invited climber bouldering in Adidas Rockstars event. Porche Arena in Stuttgard was a venue where sport meets music.

Jernej Kruder, Mina Markovic, Klemen Becan, Julija Kruder, Vezonik Gregor and Jure Becan were Slovenian team of the 40 invited athletes. In amazing final round in Stuttgart  Jernej Kruder won Adidas Rockstars competition. Mina Markovic was also very good she finished on 5th place.

Juliane Wurm from Germany and Jernej Kruder from Slovenia claimed the highly paid adidas ROCKSTAR title this weekend.



Check reply of the final round: SHORT, LONG or go to to check the Photo Gallery.

What is Adids Rockstars Event?
20 men and 20 women can qualify for the semifinal. In the qualification the athletes have four minutes and in the semifinal five minutes on each of four different boulders.
The top 6 men and women advance to the final. The six finalists first climb on two boulders, one after another. Then the top three advance to the next round, in which they compete on a third boulder problem for the superfinal.
In the superfinal, the two best women and men compete in direct comparison on a “super boulder”, which was specifically created for the event. They climb simultaneously an identical route on two sides of the same boulder. In the superfinal it doesn’t suffice to hold the top grip for three seconds. As it is custom when bouldering outdoors on natural rock, the athletes must stand with both feet on top of the boulder block and touch a buzzer, which will determine the winner in case of a hairbreadth finish.