UPDATE: At Planet Mountain there is a interview with Jernej Kruder regarding his ascent in Es Pontas. Worth reading.

Jernej Kruder on Instagram:

So I guess I just made a second ascent of [Chris Sharma’s] king line Es Pontas!!!

The legendary king line Es Pontas established and climbed by Chris Sharma finally got it’s second ascent. Jernej Kruder and Jan Hojer teamed up on Majorca with one reason. To make a second/third ascent of Es Pontas.
After 9 years, 1 month, 6 days Es Pontas got it’s first repeat by Slovenian climber Jernej Kruder.

Jan Hojer on Instagram

Krudi did it!!!!! 😃💪☀️🙃👍🍾
After almost a month of trying Es Pontas together Jernej made the second ascent!!! Watching him climb was one of the best go’s I ever saw! He cruised through all the hard sequences until he started screaming at the victory jug! I watched from the other side of the arch and almost died, hustling up to the top while he did the last easy moves, to give him a men hug on top 😜
I couldn’t follow his lead today, to make our dream of sending it the same day come true but I feel so close and hope I can send it after a couple rest days


Now, cross our fingers also for Jan Hojer and Es pontas third ascent. Jan you can do it!!!!

Es Pontàs. First ascent, September 26, 2007. A deep-water solo in Mallorca, Spain, it features a 7-foot dyno (2.1 m) that took Sharma over 50 attempts to stick. This climb, featured prominently in the movie King Lines at the Internet Movie Database, remains unrepeated, and is speculated at around 9a + (5.15a). Info from www.chrissharma.com

Photo: Luka Fonda