Here is another video of side by side climbing in final event of IFSC World Cup. This time we are comparing  Jakob Schubert (winner) and Amma Sachi (second place) climbing in Kranj 2012.

Jakob’s climbing is really constant. He quickly falls into a rhythm (smooth climbing), he is resting on perfect part of the route and solves problems fast. On the other side Sachi has a big problem with volumes on the beginning. He is struggling with them for quite a long time and his solution is not optimal, he also spent a lot of energy. Climbing style of Saschi is really impulsive (jumps, high feet, speedy climbing) and he is not resting much. On overhang he slows down. First rest for him is on a big blue tufa where he couldn’t find the best position for legs, then he falls.

But the main difference between Jakob and Sachi is that Jakob is using hip rotation that why he can climb with extended arms (he is saving the energy, power).