DAY 1 – Update

What a performance of all semifinalists. Finals are going to be nerve-wracking as for us spectators as for Domen Skofic and Jakob Schubert. They both have reach top in qualifications and in semi-finals. Word cup 2016 are also last finals for Urban Primozic. Let’s remember, back in 2008 his first finals was in Kranj too. What a great way to end professional sport climbing career.

In Women with no big surprises 🙂 Janja Garbret first, Anak Verhoeven second and Mina Markovic third.

Final round starts today at 16:00.

photo: Stanko Gruden

Qualification round is over and at 20:00 Semi-Finals will start.

We have 7 women and  4 man semi-finalists, Janja Garnbret, Mina Markovic, Tjasa Kalan, Rebeka Kamin, Vita Lukan, Mia Krampl, Katja Kadic, Domen Skofic, Urban Primozic, Jure Raztresen and Milan Preskar.

Cross your fingers while watching live:

Lead World Cup finals – Time table

Saturday, November 26th
9.00 Men Lead qualification
10.00–16.00 Workshops for children
14.00 Women Lead Qualification
14.00–16.00 Mini Olympic Games with Foksi
19.00–19.40 Climbing films: Tom et je ris & If You’re Not Falling …
19.00–21.00 “Strong Fingers” qualifications (FingerBoard competition)
20.00 Men & Women Lead Semi-Finals

Sunday, November 27th
15.00–19.00 Workshops for children
15.15–16.00 “Strong Fingers” finals (FingerBoard competition)
16.10 Introducing the finalists and route observation
16.20 Opening Ceremony with acrobatic spectacle
16.30 Lead Finals: Men, then Women (Awarding Ceremony After Finals)

This weekend all top world climbers will be in Kranj, Slovenia, where final event fo IFSC Climbing World Cup for season 2016 will be held.  Kranj has been hosting Climbing World Cup events for 21 years. 

Slovenians will have 19 climbers and this makes us the most presented country. Japan is following with 14. In total 121 climbers are form 23 different countries.  Still few more male climbers 68 and 53 females.

After winning the IFSC World Youth Championships in Guangzhou earlier this month, Janja Garnbret is already Lead world champion, Bouldering and Lead world youth champion and IFSC Lead World Cup 2016 champion. While the seventeen-year-old Slovenian has already clinched first place in the IFSC Lead World Cup 2016 rankings, a win in front of home crowd would be something special. Also keep an eye on IFSC Lead World Cup 2015 season victor Mina Markovic of Slovenia. Markovic won Gold at Kranj last year and could don another medal this year.
For the Men, the final podium is still undecided. Domen Skofic won three events this season and currently leads the IFSC Lead World Cup 2016 rankings, but Romain Desgranges of France and Austrian Jakob Schubert can prevent the double victory for Slovenia.
We have to mention Urban Primozic and his ending of competition career. Best to use his words:

In 2008 my 1st ever world cup was here in Kranj, so was my first ever world cup final in the photo back in 2011 😎 few more days and it will also be my last world cup in my career 🏁 racing towards the finish line 💪🏻

Current lead rankings:

1 GARNBRET Janja SLO 596.00
2 NOGUCHI Akiyo JPN 367.00
3 TSYGANOVA Anna RUS 284.00
4 PILZ Jessica AUT 260.00
5 KOBAYASHI Yuka JPN 219.00

1 SKOFIC Domen SLO 417.00
2 SCHUBERT Jakob AUT 377.00
3 DESGRANGES Romain FRA 341.00
4 GHISOLFI Stefano ITA 338.00
5 SUPPER Gautier FRA 264.00