I am back with climbing games that I use on trainings at Grosuplje big indoor wall. The purpose of games is to have fun with preserving the efficient of training.
You can check our previous series #1, #2, #3 played on a boulder wall.

In this series we will be obsessed with line. Check out what them means.

Warming Up (Horizontal lines)


After some running (anaerobic exercises) and warm-up exercises we usually start with easy climbing. To make this climbing not so boring I use lines of hold and foot holds that are allowed. You can start with limiting the line of holds only for hands then for legs. To make it more challenging every hand or leg must use their own line of holds. I usually use this method for traversing the wall, because it makes warming much easier and faster. Check the pic (blue lines).

Warming Up (Vertical lines)


Now fingers are warm, body is prepared for harder climbing and kids are dieing for some sport climbing. At the beginning I usually select two vertical lines with lot of holds and they have to use only these two lines to reach the top of the wall. It’s on you to limit the use of each line (only for left hand, right leg, …). To make the game more mental challenge and to improve footwork make the left to be used only with right leg and vice versa. If the allowed lines are next to each other they will climb the ladder. Spreading the width between lines will make climb harder with lot of footwork, body stabilization, using hips, … Check the pic (red lines).