Well, in our 1st series of Climbing games for kids we were all warming up. After that we slowly started with climbing in Climbing games #2. This time we will present another really popular game Shark which can be played on bouldering gym. Most of the games described are ment to play on bouldering gym. So lets go higher on climbing wall.



All kids are slowly running around the bouldering room., they are fishes in the sea. After a while you shout “shark”. Fishes are afraid of shark so they have to hide. Kids have to climb on the wall and remain climbing (swimming) till you say “shark is away”. Who is not climbing is out. When you say “shark is away”, all kids can come down to the floor (sea) and start running (swimming). You can also shout “tuna fish”, “dolphin”,… fishes are not afraid no other than shark so they must stay on the floor (sea). If kid touch the wall he is out.
Value: balance, co-ordination, climbing.

Up and down


Let’s go on climbing wall. Kids should climb the rout (you can specify the color of holds. foot steps, … to make it more difficult) till the top. After they reach the top they must also climb it down. To make it more interesting try to change the color or holds for down climbing.
Value: endurance, foot work, co-ordination, warm up