I am a climbing trainer and most of the time I spent while training kids. For better understanding I have three different groups of kids.

  • First group are children form age 4 to 6.
  • Second group are children age 8 – 11.
  • Last, third group are children from age 8 to 12. This is also group competing in Slovenian national climbing cup.

The most difficult task for me as trainer is to make training that is not boring, include all kids, not to hard, not to easy, interesting, improve climbing ability, improve climbing technique,  climbing progress and much, much more.
There is a big difference between groups, especially comparing with last group. But most of the time I try to animate this young climbers with climbing games. I’ll try to present as many games that I am using.

Warming Up


The most boring part of training. To make it more interesting I am searching for different exercises and give them some funny names. Every kid is a leader of warming up once a time. But others can also add an extra exercise. Example: while they are doing upper body warm up they must “run in place” or we start warming up with chasing, catching. To prevent any injuries (small place) while they are chasing each other, they must remain on all fours (hands, legs).

Take Away


I create a route with 20 holds. No marks on hold. Each climber climbs the route. After each successful climb/traverse the first climber take away one hold. If the next climber cannot climb/traverse it without falling then the original climber must prove it can be done. If that kid is successful than unsuccessful climber must do some exercises, best for “antagonistic” or “opposing” muscles (back, lags, …) or vice versa. If no one can do it the game is over. The version of this climbing game is best to play in bouldering gym.
Value: endurance, fluidity, memory, adaptability, finding new solutions