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We made a short interview with Rok Klancnik. He is still very, very happy 🙂

Ziga: How many tries you needed to succeed in Bugeleisen?
Rok: To many, can’t remember but I tried Bugeleisen for the firs time 7 years ago, nothing serious. The real battle begins in year 2013.

Ziga: Nalle started with one hand lower then Klem Loskot’s original start, what about you?
Rok: I used the same start holds as Nalle.

Ziga: Did you tried sit start?
Rok: Yes I did. Five minutes after sending Bugeleisen. But I was too happy to make a serious attempt. I managed to make single moves.

Ziga: Will sit start make boulder even harder.
Rok: Jes for sure! First moves are not so hard but the crux is to get body into position same as stand start.

Ziga: Rok thank you for this short interview and we wish you all the best in new project Bugeleisen sit 🙂
Rok: No problem, thanks.

Stay tuned movie is coming soon!

New comment from Rok and it’s about grading:

Bugeleisen! Finally won. The hardest thing i did, harder then every 8b+ i tried, even from some C’s, i would personally grade it C, but it really doesn’t matter. Perfect line!

This is just an amazing news from Maltatal, Austria. Bügeleisen is an masterpiece established and first climbed by Klem Loskot more than a decade ago 2001. Nalle Hukkataival has done the third ascent in 2013. Rok was also really close to the realization in 2013 but conditions were bad and battle remained till today.

Rok Klancnik on his FB

He won sooooo many battles, but in the end, victory is mine! Bügeleisen!!!



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