I found this really interesting interview with Ales Cesen (34) and Luka Lindic (28) taking about their latest ascents on Broad Peak (8047m)North Summit (7900m) of Gasherbrum IV and Himalayas.

Let me share this with you:


We knew that there were some teams fixing the route in the past. I think that for whoever has to fix an entire route on a mountain, it would be more respectful to just do some easier mountains or routes. I understand 8000 meter peaks, it’s a commercial thing for non-climbers and it will stay like this for sure. It’s just a pity and not respectful to the mountain and to other people who might want to climb it for the climbing itself, not for a trophy.

Complete interview can be read on www.ukclimbing.com we page.

Photo: Ales Cesen