Vitovlje is one of the biggest bouldering area in Slovenia. First, don’t expect something like Fontainebleau, Cresciano, Yoshua Tree,.. I have to remember you, Slovenia is a small country. 🙂

And what can Vitovlje offer you?
Magic forest with compact limestone. Best climbing period is from late autumn to spring. You could climb even at summer but do not expect good friction. Before you visit Vitovlje please check how strong wind (bora) is.
Landings are perfect, overhangs, copression, plates, highballs, traverses, crimps, slopers,.. All that you can find in more than 15 blocks with 70+ boulder lines.

Hmm… I have almost forget. To access first block you have to be in a good shape, 20 minutes warm-up (hillwalking) before climbing.

Bouldering Vitovlje TOPO (2012).

Credits goes to:
Design and photos: Marko Stubelj, Tachnical editor Gasper Bratina
Thanks to: landlord, unknown author for one photo, all the people whio make the Vitovlje climbing area possible and fun.

Foto by: David T.