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Mislinja TOPO – new boulder area+

Number of boulder ares in Slovenia is increasing luckily. Rok Klančnik, one of the best Slovenian boulderers published small guide...

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Body Core Training for Climbers+

Regardless you are a pro climber or beginner you will find something for your core. Steve took these training sequence...

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IFSC Bouldering World Championship – Munich 2014+

Finale Jernej Kruder won a silver medal at IFSC Bouldering World Championship. Jan Hojer and Adam Ondra were struggling for...

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Smile 7C, Trenta+

We are exploring Slovenian boulders and maybe you will try to climb them on your next climbing trip. Smile in...

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Active Discharge 8b++

Jure climbing in cave of Osp, Active Discharge 8b+. And NO cave is not located in Kalymno.

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Back Exercises For Climber+

Come on, you know where the back machines are in your gym right? Well if you don’t, it’s the group...

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Bouldering European Youth Cup 2014 – Oetzal, AUT+

Previous weekend (15 – 16 August 2014) all the best young climbers were gathered in Oetzal, Austria to be part...

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Powerfingers – Injury Prevention Tool+

A week ago I received a really nice present from Gary Tritton the owner of Powerfingers System5. The package contained...

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Arête des Cosmiques 8a+

Martina Cufar Potard has done the third ascent of Arête des Cosmiques 8a (+) up at 3 800m on Aiguille...

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IFSC Climbing World Cup Imst 2014+

Finals Climbing World Cup in Imst is over and we got new winners for 2014 season. Finally Adam Ondra show...

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How to not react+

If you’re not a good loser, you’ll never be a big winner. Matjaz Kek We can take this kind of...

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Climbing Training – Rest+

On this rainy days we found article written by Alli Rainey and it’s covering the value of rest for climbing...

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Rain is liquid water in the form of droplets that have condensed from atmospheric water vapor and then precipitated—that is,...

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Youngsters Crushing in Magic Wood+

Gorazd (C-Team) and bunch of young and perspective climbers went to Magic Wood and here are the results. Two days...

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Gold for Janja Garnbret+

On first competition  of European Youth Cup (boulder) Slovenian climber Janja Garnbret won a gold medal. She was best in...

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